About the Online NHL94 League

I joined an online NHL94 league in December, 2005. We play EA's classic NHL '94 hockey video game against each other on our computers over the Internet using a Sega Genesis emulator that has an online play feature. The league was created by the guys from the Online Tecmo Football League.

The great thing about this league is that all the game results and player statistics are recorded. After a game is finished, you just save the state of the game in the emulator and upload the save-state file the website, which takes care of the rest automatically.

The league doesn't use the original NHL 94 game; it uses a version that has been modified to include the new expansion teams (Atlanta, Columbus, Minnesota, & Nashville) and the teams that have moved (Minnesota -> Dallas, Quebec -> Colorado, Winnipeg -> Phoenix, Hartford -> Carolina) since 1994 and the current players from the start of the real 2006 NHL season (Crosby, Staal, Ovechkin, etc.).