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Suggested Songs and Songs By Me (in .MP3 & .MID)
Best of 2003 My top picks of 2003, plus old songs I discovered in 2003
The Happy Song that was Supposed to be Sad This is me playing a song I made up, on guitar. First, I made a MIDI file of the song, then I decided to record it on guitar, because I liked it. I used the MIDI for timing because I actually had to record two separate parts for this then combine them into one file (you can hear it faintly in the background). A friend of mine actually didn't believe I made this, and essentially called me a liar when I insisted that I did : P.
E.mp3 is an interesting song I came up with involving moving the E chord shape (without the bar) to different places on the neck. There are other chords, too. I must say that it sounds much better 'live,' as the fullness of the sound comes across much better.
E03.mp3 is the same as the above, but I created an artificial echo by overlaying the same track onto itself 3ms out of sync.
The Happy Song that was Supposed to be Sad
Street Spirit (Fade Out)
The problem with MIDIs is that they sound different on different sound cards and different programs...
me.mid A pretty dark sounding song I originally came up with on guitar, but this brings it to a whole new level, with drums and bass.
midi.mid This is me.mid, but with an intro. The intro was developed on a guitar with two B strings (I broke the high E and didn't have a replacement)
2.mid is actually random notes I put down when testing the Midi composter I was using.
E_down.mid is the same as E.mp3 above, but midi-ized. It sounds way better on guitar.
Street Spirit (Fade Out) is a midi I made of the Radiohead song. It's not the whole song, but it's still pretty cool, if I may say so..