Best of 2003

My picks...

Top 20 of 2K3
3 Doors Down          - When I'm Gone
Ataris                - Boys of Summer (Don Henley cover)
Avril Lavigne         - I'm With You
Beck                  - Lost Cause
Black Eyed Peas       - Shut Up
Christina Aguilera    - Beautiful
Coldplay              - The Scientist
The Darkness          - I Believe in a Thing Called Love
Electric six          - Album: Fire
                               - Danger! High Voltage (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix)
                               - Electric Demons in Love
                               - I'm the Bomb
                               - Synthesizer
Evanescence           - Bring Me to Life
Jet                   - Are You Gonna Be My Girl?
Matthew Good          - Weapon
Missy Elliot          - Gossip Talk
Music, The            - Take the Long Road and Walk It
Mogilny               - Album: Mogilny
                               - Technotronique
                               - Moins Fort
N.E.R.D.              - Provider
Outkast               - Hey Ya
Sam Roberts           - Brother Down
Stone Sour            - Bother
t.A.T.u.              - How Soon Is Now (The Smiths cover)
Three Days Grace      - (I Hate) Everything About You
White Stripes         - Seven Nation Army
I gave extra points for being different, which is why Missy Elliot got on there and The Darkness (who seem to be doing some kind of 80's hair-band parody... You've got to see the video). Electric Six's Fire is definately my fav album of the year. I'm surprised that 2 cover songs made it onto the list. Brother Down made it's full-length album debut this year...I think.. it's hard to figure these things out now that Amazon destroyed CDNow : P That makes only 5 of the songs Canadian, I think : (.
Top French Songs of 2K3
Vénus 3               - Elle Marche
Mogilny               - Album: Mogilny
                               - Technotronique
                               - Moins Fort
Andrée Watters        - Dépendre De Toi
Emilie Simon          - Desert
Honourable Mentions of 2K3
Box Car Racer         - There Is
Fefe Dobson           - Bye Bye Boyfriend
Finger Eleven         - One Thing
Johnny Cash           - Hurt
Liz Phair             - H.W.C.
Mercy Kiss, The       - This Knife [remix]
Michelle Branch       - Are You Happy Now?
Peaches               - Hot Rod
Peaches w/ Iggy Pop   - Kick It
Radiohead             - 2+2=5
                      - Sit Down.  Stand Up. (the 'the raindrops' part)
                      - Suck Young Blood (only the part from 2:57 to 3:13)
REM                   - Final Straw
Seal                  - Waiting for You
Snoop Dog & Pharrell  - Beautiful
Stacie Orrico         - Stuck
Venus Hum             - Soul Sloshing
Top Discoveries of 2K3
Atom and His Package  - If You Own the Washington Redskins, You're a Cock [so funny...]
Le Tigre              - Deceptacon
                      - Hot Topic
                      - The The Empty
                      - (more, many many more)
Joseph Arthur         - Tiny Echoes
                      - (more, many many more)
Makoto Kawamoto       - Half (theme song for 2nd season of Rurouni Kenshin anime)
Artificial Joy Club   - Sick and Beautiful
                      - Skywriting
Basement Jaxx         - Red Alert (the freaky monkey video)
By Devine Right       - Come for a Ride
Cousteau              - Last Good Day of the Year
                      - Have You Seen Her
                      - Please Don't Cry
                      - You My Lunar Queen
                      - (more, many many more)
Alanis Morissette     - So Unsexy (live)
Elliot Smith          - Son of Sam
Eminem                - Without Me (LMIT remix)
Esthero               - Wish You Away (32kbps mp3 version sounds the best..)
                      - When I Fall (In Love) (w/ Abacus)
Flaming Lips          - Album: Zaireeka (1997)
                               - March of the Rotten Vegetables
                               - Riding to Work in the Year 2025
                               - The Big Old Bug is the New Baby Now
                      - Album: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (2002)
                               - One More Robot/Sympathy 3000-21
                               - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1
                               - Are You a Hypnotist
                               - All We Have Is Now
                      - The Spiderbite Song
Infinite Mass         - Bullet
Janis Joplin          - Ball and Chain
                      - Leaving on a Jet Plane
                      - Move Over
Liz Phair             - Album: Exile in Guyville (1993)
                               - Divorce Song
                               - Fuck and Run
                               - Flower
                               - Gunshy
Matthew Sweet         - You Don't Love me
Milla (Jovovich)      - Satellite of Love
                      - (more, many many more)
Pixies                - Here Comes Your Man
                      - Monkey Gone to Heaven
                      - (more, many many more)
powerman 5000         - When Worlds Collide
Prince                - Starfish and Coffee
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Pretty Little Ditty (the song Crazy Town - Butterfly ripped off)
Starsailor            - Alcoholic
                      - Good Souls
                      - Fever
Switchblade SymphonY  - (whatever.. they're all ok albeit odd)

Comments Best Newcomer (Here and Now): Electric Six – ... you just have to hear their album. Insane. I don't think they can make a second album, though.. How do you top this without being too absurd?

Best Newcomer (To Keep an Eye On): The Music – Made some good music, but they still have room to grow.

Most Anticipated Album that Wasn't Released: Fiona Apple's new album was supposed to come out in September, but she put it off until 2004 to work on it more.

Biggest Disappointment: Radiohead's Hail to the Thief – What happened to our OK Computer/Kid A Radiohead? This album is just boring... Mind you, I saw them live and the songs from this album are awesome live.

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