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  • Real NameMichael Capewell
  • DoBFebruary 22nd, 1981.   Pisces
  • ResidenceKanata, ON, Canada.
  • Height:  185cm / 6'0.75"
  • Weight86kg / 190lbs
  • HairBrown/Blond
  • EyesBlue
  • Historysmozoma's origins are not known for certain, but first evidence of his existence places him in London, Ontario, Canada during the early stages of his life. We have located a picture of smozoma in his younger days, with who is believed to be his father due to the resemblance. Later, he moved to Orleans ON where he attended Dunning Foubert French Immersion School until moving to Russell ON after Grade 3 and gracing the halls of Russell Public School and North Dundas District High School. Having just completed a glory-filled career at Carleton University, he now is in hiding, rumoured to be seeking a worthy employer for his skills.
  • Special Moves:
    • Up, Back -- Take sip of caffeinated beverage
    • Up, Back, Back, Back, Back -- Drink whole caffeinated beverage in one go. Pressing X While drinking causes a long, drawn-out sigh to be issued upon completion.
    • Fwd, Back, Fwd, Back, Circle, Down -- Fall flat on face, making complete fool of self in front of cute girl.
    • Circle, Square, Up, Up, Triangle, Yell "Oooo-yeah!" -- ehhh.. maybe I shouldn't tell you about this one.


The images are of the character Jubei from the movie Ninja Scroll, copyrighten by Manga Ent.. The ones with fire were acquired from the Nightfall Ninja Scroll site.
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