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A few of my more interesting programs are available for download here.

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EARE / NHL'94 Mods

- Windows, v1.0.0, 2010/05/30

EARE is a program for editing some aspects of the classic Sega Genesis console hockey video game, NHL '94.

I also have a couple standalone bug fixer programs available, one of which fixes the weight bug that let light players check heavy players.

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- C++ source, v0.9, 2005/12/01

A simple regression/unit testing framework for C++ programs.

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Sports Pool Team Chooser

- Windows, v4.0 beta, 2006/02/08
- Linux, v4.0 beta, 2005/09/26

Helps you pick players in online weekly sports pools.
It's been working *very* well for me.

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Hockey Pool Team Chooser

- Windows, v3.5, 2003

Same as Sports Pool Team Chooser, but older, tailored to the hockey pool, and works only in Windows.

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Keyboard Evolve

- C++ source, 2005/09/19

Evolves new keyboard layouts in an attempt to replace the QWERTY layout with the 'ideal' layout -- the fastest and most comfortable layout.  The layout should be simple to learn and should reduce incidences of RSI (repetitive strain injuires).

You can read about some of the layouts I've designed (either manually or using this program) on my Alternative Keyboard Layouts page.  This is the most popular page on my site, getting about 10 hits per day, mostly through a link that someone put on Wikipedia.

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Typing Tutor Program

- Windows, v1.0, 2005

Trains you to touch-type on any keyboard layout.
Teaches using muscle-memory, so you don't need to think about typing, you just do it!

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VirtualDub v1.5.9 MC

- Windows + source, 2003/11/14

VirtualDub is a free, open-source (GPL) video compression and capture program written by Avery Lee in Visual C++ 6/.NET.
I added some features I thought were missing, so now it
  • tells you how much hard drive space you have left while saving
  • warns you if you are about to overwrite a previous capture file
  • warns you if are going to do a test or internal capture (since it's easy to do this by accident)
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3D Object Viewer

- Windows, 2000

Simple 3D-wireframe engine written over a weekend in high school.  Nothing too spectacular, but neat enough.

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- Windows, 199?

This program gives you the proper notes to tune your guitar to. It gives standard tuning, 1/2-step down, drop-D, and 1/2-step down with drop-D. It was written in QBASIC years and years ago. I forget how I compiled it into an EXE.

BTW, the way you can bypass decisions by just pressing Enter is a feature, not a bug ;)


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