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Typing Tutor Program
(MS Windows only. This program requires that the VB6 runtimes are installed on your computer)

A little program I made that teaches you to type based on common key combinations and common words with those combinations.  I found that it worked very well when I was learning alternative keyboard layouts.  It teaches you habits, not just where the keys are, so you subconsciously know how to type and don't need to think about where keys are.

It starts by teaching you the most common letter combinations, building up your skills with the most common keys and words before moving on to less common ones, so you reach a satisfactory real-world typing speed faster than traditional typing lessons that teach you based on key location. Would you rather learn to type THE, THERE, HER, HERE, THEIR, IN, AT, THAT, AN, THAN, EAT, ATE, ARE (as are covered in my first few lessons) or SAD, FAD, LAD, LAG, SAG (as position-based lessons teach)?

Note:  I suggest reducing the 'Target Speed' to 35wpm.

Typing Program screen shot
I can copy/paste as 3300 WPM

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