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3D Object Viewer

(MS Windows only. This program requires that the VB6 runtimes are installed on your computer)

Table with a red vase
My goal with this program, written during my OAC / Grade 13 year of high school, was to create a program to show objects in 3D wireframe. The 3D code is of my own design:  I didn't copy anything from a book, look at someone else's code and recreate it, or anything like that – I just sat down and thought, "What's the math that would make an object smaller in the distance and bigger when it's closer?"

I'd say this project was 80% successful.  Sometimes things don't look right and lines that extend behind the viewpoint aren't drawn.  There's also a weird problem that CRUSHES all the objects if you strafe and turn a certain way.

Anyway, not too bad for a couple day's work.

You can load 'objects' (this comes with several), then you can move your viewpoint around. It's like you're walking around the object. You can move forward/backward, left/right, turn left/right, look up/down, and crouch/jump. It comes with instructions on how to make your own objects, as well.

It was written on a 133MHz computer, so it will run very very... very... fast on a new computer.  There is a small text box on the right side of the window that you can put a 'slowdown' number in -- a number around your CPU's speed in MHz should slow it to a normal-ish speed (try jumping with the 5 key).

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