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Hard Drive Space Indication
Capture Overwrite Protection


(MS Windows only)

(v1.5.10 and v1.6.x versions in the works)

 (Source code (VC++). You will need a RAR decompressor since the file is a RAR in a ZIP (RAR is much smaller but isn't allowed by Yahoo).
Search for "mcapewell HDSI" or "mcapewell COWP" to find code relevant to Hard Drive Space Indication or Capture OverWrite Protection, respectively.)

I'll have 273MB left when done saving.

You'll be happy to see this warning.
VirtualDub is a free, open-source (GPL) video compression and capture program written by Avery Lee in Visual C++ 6/.NET. Since it's an open source project, I decided to add a few features that I felt it needed: The version I'm making available here also tells you how much hard drive space you have left so you don't accidentally run out of space while compressing a file (avoiding you having to redo the compression), and it also warns you if you're about to overwrite a capture file (you wouldn't believe how many captures I've overwritten in the past).  I didn't know much (V)C++ when I did this, but I managed to figure out how to add the features I wanted.

  • Current Version: November 14th, 2003
  • Shows remaining hard drive space while saving
  • Shows predicted hard drive space when done saving
  • When capture mode entered, warns if capture file exists
  • When starting capture, warns if capture file exists
  • Confirms if you want to do an internal or test capture (because sometimes I press these by accident)
  • Can disable warnings through the Capture menu
  • Future Versions:
  • Any suggestions? [mcapewell at gmail dot com]

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