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Download from this site
or Download from NHL94.com
2.88 MiB, Windows-only
(Although it would probably compile on Linux if I were to try some time...)

Weight Bug Fix
Download from NHL94.com

Missing 2nd Assist Bug Fix
Download from NHL94.com

EARE is a program for editing some aspects of the classic Sega Genesis console hockey video game, NHL '94.

Though there is already a very good NHL '94 editor called NOSE, it hasn't been updated in several years. EARE picks up where NOSE left off, implementing some of the hacks that NOSE doesn't have, so ROM designers can easily do the following:

  • Change Team Ratings
  • Change the Offense/Defense/PP/PK/Home/Away strengths of the teams.
  • Change the number of teams selectable in the main window.
  • Set the player pictures if you have switched the teams players are on (an incredibly tedious task without EARE).
  • View, but not edit, team rosters and lines (They can be edited with NOSE. I needed to read this information for the other features, so displayed it).

A list of future features follows this screen shot...

Some future features will include (see nhl94.com forums for a full roadmap):

  • The Weight Bug Fix (currently there is a standalone program I wrote to do this)
  • The Missing 2nd Assist Bug Fix (currently there is a standalone program I wrote to do this)
  • Ability to edit the intro credits text and Ron Barr pre-game text
  • Ability to re-arrange the organ songs (useful for leagues with custom teams)
  • Ability to edit the speed boost multiplier, turning rate, and energy recovery rate

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