Occasionally, when playing computer games, funny things happen. So I take screenshots of them : ). Sometimes I add captions to the pictures.
Drakan: Order of the Flame If my computer weren't so slow when this demo came out, I would have bought the game, because the demo was really cool (despite how buggy it and the final version of the game was). There are two modes to this game: You play Rynn, a heroine who puts Lara Croft to shame, and you can run around on the ground and smack enemies with a huge variety of weapons, and you have a dragon friend, Arokh, and you can climb on his back and fly around and fry enemies with his breath-weapons.
Die by the Sword This game was (and still is) way ahead of its time, and it paid dearly for it. only about 10 000 people bought the game (very few for what seemed like a sure-fire hit game). Consequently, there doesn't appear to be any sequel coming. You play Enric, a sword-wielding warrior whose girlfriend Maya has been kidnapped, to your knowledge, by some kobolds (little rat-men). You have to save her (duh). You have COMPLETE control over his sword because of a special VSIM mode of play. VSIM was some guy's Ph.D. project. It's so cool. But it takes forever to get used to, so few people were able to realize the potential of it, so didn't buy it.
    Anyway, here's the only DbtS screen I have right now. BTW, I won this battle : ) I pushed him in the lava. Unfortunately, I didn't fare too well the next battle... Well, can you blame me? I was missing something rather important...