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The Tell-Tale Tooth In OAC English, we had to take a fairy tale and re-write it in the style of an author of our choice. I wrote it with my friend Shaughnessy. We originally wanted to do Dr. Seuss, but were beaten to it (I think it turned out to be a good thing, though; their's was great), so we decided upon Edgar Allen Poe (he wrote 'The Raven' ("Quoth the raven, 'nevermore, nevermore,'" etc)).
Special Relativity Grade 12 Physics ISP. I worked on this so hard that I gave myself my first headache. It was fun, though. It was also quite hard, and I wasn't able to figure everything out. You'll notice that there's absolutely no derivation of the last equation, E=mc^2, as I didn't have time to figure it out (I wasn't just copying derivations... I was trying to derive them myself while using research material for hints). I think there are even some errors in here, so don't run off and write a Relativity report based on just this... Please excuse the formatting errors, as I used MSWord 2000 to convert .doc to .htm.
Nuclear Fusion My OAC Physics Independent Study Project.  It was very hard to find good information for this project, since it's still an experimental area. Again, formatting errors are to be blamed on MSWord 2000 : P.
Redundundancies In Grade 12 English class, we had to come up with a story full of redundancies that also had a moral to the story. We needed 20 redundancies, but I went all out and put in 38 (including some joke ones, pretending that calling the model of car I drove a "peice of junk" was redundant). About the 'moral' to my story, Mrs. Gibson wrote on my paper, "That is, without a doubt, one of the best/worst puns." (I didn't think just any old moral like "look both ways before crossing the street" was fun, so I came up with something a bit more complicated...)
My Dick Is So Big That... Hilarious Big Dick Jokes compiled by my first-year of university roommate Jason, myself, and the occasional floor-mate (in particular, Blake, Colin, and Maher). We got the idea for this after hearing '101 Big Dick Jokes,' a recording of Drew Carey reading the Big Dick Jokes chapter of his book.
Eclipse In Grade 11 English, we had to write a story about a primitive society's first time experiencing an eclipse.
Explaining Atheism
A page mostly written in 2000 explaining what atheism is and that tries to dispell some of the common misconceptions about it.  I used to feel weird about having this page on my site and even removed it for about a year, but after hearing that some friends of mine have found it useful for explaining their atheism to people, family even, I think I really should leave it up.
Greatsong Also in Gr. 11, we had to write a running metaphor. It's when you compare something to something else, but without using the words 'like' or 'as,' you actually say that it IS what you are comparing it to. The teacher seemed to like it: she read several of them to the class, and read mine first. My first sentence breaks the rules of metaphor with the word 'similar,' but the rest is alright.  I thought this up on the drive to go play a hockey game.
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