Live a Great Song


        While listening to the radio, I realized that each song was similar to an individual lifetime.  Delicate or coarse intros, being the first few years of the child's life, are often completely different from the rest of the song.  Then the first verse, when the child is about six to twelve years old, shows the development of the character of the child.  The chorus represents the outside personality of the person.  It is the catchy part used to make friends and influence people.  Then comes the bridge, the teenage years, that crazy experimental part where anything goes. Then come more verses, stories from the person's lifetime.  The solo represents the major moments in the life:  marriage, children, and accomplishments. The life ends with the coda.  Sometimes the coda is a repeated verse that slowly fades out, sometimes it is agonizingly long, and sometimes it ends abruptly, an untimely death.  Perhaps the lesson to be learned is that, like life, many good songs are simple, but that the truly great songs are long and varied.