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A great thing about the Internet is that it makes it easy and cheap to publish something and get a large readership (though once your readership gets big enough, the bandwidth bills start coming!). Comic strip artists have really taken advantage of this to create some really great characters and stories and need not worry about keeping the newspapers happy by trying to appeal to everyone at once. There are some syndicated comic strips in this list, too, though. It's interesting to see the evolution of the drawing techniques in some of these strips...
PvP The stuff that happens at the office of the fictional PvP computer-gaming magazine.  It's the most successful, and deservingly so, web comic out there.
Start from the first strip! (1998)
PvP will turn 7 years old in May 2005. 
College Roomies from Hell The crazy adventures of a pair of sets of 3 college roommates (that's 3 girls in one room and 3 guys in another room).  There aren't too many comics in this list written/drawn by a woman, but this is one of them.
Start from the first strip! (1999)
CRFH enters it's 6th year in January 2005.
Get Fuzzy A cat, a dog, and a young bachelor... Sounds like a Garfield rip-off, but this is a really great strip.  Syndicated (i.e., it's in some newspapers)..
Penny-Arcade Great comic about video games (if you're in to that kind of stuff!)
Start from the first strip! (1998)
Gabe and Tycho have been bringing the funny for 6 years as of Nov. 2004.
Real Life Start from the first strip! (1999)
Calvin and Hobbes Truly one of the all-time greats.
Start from the first strip! (2000)
The Boondocks
CTRL+ALT+DEL Start from the first strip! (2002)
VGCats Start from the first strip! (2001)
Mac Hall Start from the first strip! (2000)
Queen of Wands
Start from the first strip! (2002).  One of my recent favourites.
8-Bit Theatre
Start from the first strip! (2001).  This guy is really a comic genius.  This comic won't make a lot of sense if you haven't played Dungeons and Dragons or a similar RPG.
Boxjam's Doodle Start from the first strip! (1999).  Not updated often any more, but I really loved this one in its hey-day.
Megatokyo Start from the first strip! (2000).  Very well drawn anime-style comic.
Chopping Block Start from the first strip! (2000).  Serial killer humour.
Wulffmorgenthaler Start from the first strip! (2002).  Just really really weird.
Sam and Fuzzy Start from the first strip! (2002)
The Joy of Tech
Pretty geeky; makes the occasional jab at famous tech people (Bill Gates, etc)
Start from.. umm, well, one of the early strips (2000).  The first couple kinda sucked. 
Angels 2200 Start from the first strip! (2001)
Angst Technology Start from the first strip! (2000)
Homestar Runner
Mostly Business

"News for Nerds"
Slightly less nerdy Slashdot.
New Scientist
Science news...
Astronomy Picture of the Day
A great astronomical picture every day
Major Geeks
Updated list of software every day.  Also has interesting links once in a while ("off base" links)

BBSpot Good original satire articles and top 11 lists.  Also the source of many of my One-Visit Links
Prof Quotes
A frequently-updated collection of funny things professors have said.

This site compiles lists of reviews for movies, music, and games, and generates an average score.  The average score should be a pretty good indication of how "good" the movie/music/game in question is.  A feature I'd like to see this site add is the ability to make your own 'critic filter' so you can have it filter out those critics you never agree with and give precedence to your fav critics, so the scores don't simply reflect the overall average score, but the average score of critics you like or at least don't dislike.  James Berardinelli and Roger Ebert go to the top of my 'like' list for both being able to 'get' good sci-fi like Gattaca and Contact.  Can you believe that those movies averaged 62 and 65, respectively??  Those are great movies!
Anime Suki
Links to bittorrents for unlicensed japanese animation shows (i.e., they aren't available for purchase in North America... so no one is losing money if I download these shows).  I'm currently watching Bleach and Touch! Sadly, Naruto was licensed in late 2004 (but that means you'll be able to watch it on tv here soon with horrible voice-overs, an altered/watered down story line, and bloodless graphics! (well, I don't know how faithful the North American release will be... Hopefully they won't change anything. It's really a great series)).
The Official UK Download Chart
Weekly listing of the top 20 most (legally) downloaded songs in the UK.
Swound MP3 Blog
Once in a while, this page has a great remix on it.  Ask me for the Jimi Hendrix (Voodoo Chile) / Jay-Z (99 Problems) mix.  Incredible song.
The Superficial
"The Superficial is a brutally honest look at society and its obsession with the superficial. It is not satire. It is not social commentary. It is the voice of our society at its worst. It is first impressions without sense of social obligation. It is the truth of our generation. It is ugly racism. It is jealousy. It is honest.

Just kidding. Our goal is to make fun of as many people as possible."

Umm.. It has lots of pictures of pretty girls and tends to give me a laugh or two.  But it really is superficial.

Red Flag Deals
Deals on products sold in stores in Canada.  Futureshop, Best Buy, Canadian Tire, etc...
Wikiquote Quote of the Day Archive
Usually some pretty good quotes.
Cooking for Engineers
Michael Chu has created a really neat way to write recipes.  Also, he has a great grilled grilled pork chops recipe.
Sympatico / MSN home page
Usually has an interesting article or two a day.  It's the Canadian version of the next link in this list.
MSN home page
Usually has an interesting article or two a day.
Worth 1000
Image editing competiton site.  It's fun to browse the winners every couple days.

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