Math Problems
I'm some kinda math freak, or sompin'.

Problems Plus
Problems Plus
These are problems from my OAC math textbooks (Calculus and Finite.  No such luck if you're looking for Algebra ones for bonus in Mrs Lapointe's class : P).
AIME (American Invitational Math Exam)
AIME sorry, not up yet
A friend of mine got to write this thing for scoring over 100 on the A->12 Math Contest.  I only got 80; ah well.  I got a photocopy of the exam, and here it is, with some of my solutions.
SIN (The Sir Isaac Newton Physics Contest) (2000)
The SIN Contest sorry, not up yet
I wrote this in OAC physics, and tied for first in the school, and I answered only 5 of the 14 questions...  So it's pretty tough, I guess.
U of Toronto Leonardo da Vinci Engineering Contest (2000)
The da Vinci sorry, not up yet
Wrote this in OAC as well.  I got 6 of the 20 questions right (I also got 3 wrong).  The highest mark of anyone (not just in my school) taking the contest was 14, so I'm not disappointed.

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