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The Esperanto Alphabet

Learn Esperanto!! It's a language that was invented in the 1880's by a Polish guy named Ludovic Lazarus Zamenhof. It's incredibly EASY to learn (It can take less than an hour to learn the basics. I've already learned them) It was intended to be a second language for all Europeans so they could understand each other. There are people who speak it in just about every country. The words all come from european languages (including english) and are easy to remember and even easier to understand. There are no funny spellings like in "laugh". The grammar is simple: All nouns end in "O". To make a noun plural, you add the letter "J" (which sounds like a "Y"). There are only 3 verb conjugations: present, past, and future. Well, I'm not sure if there are just 3, but I've only encountered 3 so far. Besides, you only need the 3 to talk.

"To have" in the present is "hav" with "as" on the end: "havas",
"To have" in the past is "havis", and
"To have" in the future is "havos"

There! You now know a bit of the basics! EASY!!!!!
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Sites Where You can Learn Esperanto
Esperanto: Learn to Speak it Like a Native

A good site to learn the language from. This is the site that I learned the basics off of (It was the first Esperanto site I found). There are supposed to be 11 lessons but so far only 2 are up but they are good lessons, and have sound files to help you. You'll have to read the first page to find the link to the lessons. (Don't worry, it's easy to find)
Esperanto HyperCourse

Another good site. This one covers more stuff than the "Speak it Like a Native" site. I'd do the "Speak it..." one first, then come here to learn more.
Esperanto for English Speakers

Go to the other sites before coming here. This person has a font that shows esperanto letters. You don't. The letters end up as characters like this: "ý", which are not in the Esperanto Alphabet. After going to the other sites you should be able to figure out which charachter should be which Esperanto letter. Also, this site doesn't tell you how to pronounce all the letters. This is a good site though, if you've been to the other sites.

Esperanto-English and English-Esperanto Dictionaries
Esperanto: Speak it Like a Native Dictionaries

  This is the link to the 2 dictionaries. I downloaded all the pages (there was one for each letter) and compiled them into 2 html files: one Esperanto to English file and one Eng to Esp file.
  Here they are:
English to Esperanto
Esperanto to English
Online English-Esperanto Dictionary

At this site you type in the word you are looking for and it gives you the translation. There are more words in this one than the "Learn to Speak it Like a Native" Dictionary, but you can't browse this one.
Online Esperanto-English Dictionary

Same as the one to the left, but Esp->Eng.

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